Online Voting Platform Using Blockchain Technologies


  • Sonali Rangdale, Nagesh Raykar, Santosh Borde, Prashant Kumbharkar, Uditkumar


Developing a secure electronic voting system that preserves the privacy and fairness of current voting practices while offering the flexibility and transparency offered by electronic systems has long been a challenge. This draft article's objective is to develop a system that evaluates a block chain application for use in the deployment of dispersed electronic voting systems.. The objective of this study offers a novel block-chain-based electronic voting system that tackles some of the drawbacks of current systems and assesses ome of thewell-knownblockchainframeworksinordertobuilda blockchain-based e-voting system. Through the explanation of a case study, specifically the election process and the deployment of a block chain-based application that enhances the security and efficiency of voting, we specifically assess the potential of distributed ledger technology. The results of the system shows significant improvement in security as compare to traditional voting system