Data Extraction on Damaged Mobile Device: A Forensic Case Study


  • Surajit Paul, Binoy Das, Debaraj Rana


Data extraction from damaged mobile phones is essential in digital forensics and recovery. Mobile phones have become essential to modern life and contain a wealth of personal, financial, and confidential information. However, accidents, hardware failures, and other mishaps can damage our phones and make it difficult to access the stored data. Forensic laboratories are regularly faced with mobile phones being exposed to damage that can be the outcome of purposeful attempts to abolish device data permanently. This article will cover an essential case study of a mobile device seized in a damaged or broken condition whose analysis of the circuit board and consequent actions led to getting vital evidence from it. This article examines the various processes of data extraction from nonworking mobile phones that could become vital evidence on that mobile device. Also, this discussion will highlight emerging technologies and their impact on dead or damaged phones based on the extracted evidence.