IoT-Based Remote Control and Monitoring of Electrical Appliances


  • Jaskirat Singh, Digvir Singh, Lovnish Verma, Sarwan Singh


The advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) has engendered paradigmatic shifts in residential and industrial domains, wherein the remote control and monitoring of electrical appliances have become quintessential. This research presents a novel system architecture, underpinned by ESP8266 microcontrollers, MQTT as a communication protocol, Node.js and Express.js for server-side scripting, and Socket.IO for the facilitation of real-time interactions. This confluence of technologies affords a synergistic platform, expediting efficacious and secure remote control of electrical appliances, while obviating the requisite for webpage refreshes. The comprehensive exposé of this research illuminates the intricacies of the underlying hardware and software architecture. Methodological explication encompasses the orchestration of MQTT for command propagation, SQLite as the archival repository, and the augmentation of real-time user engagement by way of Socket.IO. Empirical findings underscore the functional tenability of the system, attesting to its superlative utility with respect to remote appliance control and data retrieval. The salient attributes encompass low-latency operability and fidelity in performance. The ensuing discourse aspires to contextualize the research within the overarching spectrum of IoT advancements. It delineates the methodological significance, elucidates potential applications, and articulates uncharted vistas of prospective enhancement. The study offers a cogent evaluation of the system’s efficacy vis-à-vis established analogues in the field. In summation, this research endeavors to provide cogent insights into the ontogenesis and deployment of an IoT-based system, which amalgamates MQTT, Node.js, and Socket.IO, realizing remote control of electrical appliances and enabling real-time user interaction. The system promulgates opportunities for the ascendancy of contemporary home automation, ushering in a renaissance of safe, efficient, and accessible IoT-anchored solutions.