A Framework to Maintain Child Immunization Records in Secure Ethereum Blockchain-Enabled Platform


  • Rashmi Mandal (Vijayvergiya), Soumya Sen


As the number and type of diseases are growing throughout the world it is important to provide the vaccination to the child to immune them against the different types of disease, Specially, after the corona pandemic the importance of healthcare has increased and it is well understood that some secured and robust framework is required to store the vaccination information. In many countries around the world different vaccination are provided to the newborn baby but often these are maintained on paper or in a system that lacks in providing ease of audit transparency, immutability, , traceability and trust features. Due to the centralized nature of data maintenance, they are vulnerable to the single point of failure problem and also 24x7 availability of child immunization records cannot be guaranteed due to policies. These limitations tend to hinder the transparent, safe, trustworthy, secure and reliable maintenance of child immunization records. In this paper, we propose an Ethereum blockchain-based solution for managing data related to the child vaccination programme. We propose smart contracts to automate the traceability of records of child immunization programmes and vaccination along with ensuring data provenance, transparency, security, and accountability.