Child Predator Detection System On Social Media


  • Vaibhav Kasar, Schuzelle Fernandes, Ashutosh Chillarge, Vaishnavi Abuj, Dipali Patil


It is important for psychotherapists to have understanding about dangers of online sex advertising and how the World Health Organization uses the Internet to protect teens from sexual predators. While the Internet also has some positive aspects, and most harmful aspects is that it can be used for online sexual assumptions. The web provides a medium that gives sex offenders permission to infiltrate various children in a very relatively anonymous atmosphere. and posts, and send paedophilia records to cyber cell managersApproximately 1 in 5 young people in the country each year need sex through the Internet, according to a nationwide survey.This research illustrates how the system is being changed right now. Due to this, child robbery accounts using the developed system are aware of all reports to the administrator for each action.

Keywords: Support vector machine, Machine learning, training module, dataset.