Partnering with Museum for an experimental project on holistic education


  • G.S.Mani, Neha Sharma, Sanjeevani Joglekar


Museums provide ample opportunity for holistic education with humanistic orientation. Project EKAM is an experimental project on holistic education conceptualised by Pune Section of Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers and Tata Consultancy Services of Pune in partnership with Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum at Pune. A major objective of the experiment was to establish the suitability of the ambience provided by the museum for the learning environment. Major initiatives taken up as part of the experiment included Activity based Learning workshops, Cultural enrichment programs, Concept to Product Projects, apart from lectures, webinars and Discussion Forums. The paper presents details of the experiment, observations noted and conclusions drawn. It is presumed that these details will be useful for those who are pursuing similar activities elsewhere, and for scaling up future initiatives of similar nature.

Keywords: Holistic education, Museum, STEAM, Culture, Tradition, Activity based Learning, Cultural enrichment, Concept to Product