Hypervisors for embedded multi-core architectures targeting IoT applications


  • Rajesh.M, P. Rangababu, Jayaraj U. Kidavu, Nivya .N, Ardhra.C.Sunny


Initially, embedded system development was single-core based. Later with the hike in industrial growth, the functionality of single-core systems became insufficient for developing precise embedded applications, which boosted the multi-core system development. Resource contention is a major problem faced by embedded systems. Especially while dealing with modern IoT gateways, which use multiple protocols and are connected with a variety of different end nodes. In such applications, the effective utilization of multi processor resources and resource contention management will be challenging. There are many mechanisms to solve this issue, such as using locks, semaphores, and mutexes, and using techniques such as page coloring, intelligent scheduling, isolation, etc. The paper gives you the comparative study survey details of various hypervisors available in the market to solve the resource contention issues in modern Embedded systems applications such as IoT.

Keywords: Hypervisors, IoT