Salivary Cortisol determination through sensors attached with dental augmentation


  • Karuna Wangkhem, Monita Wahengbam


This paper gives a review on different types of sensors to detect cortisol from saliva and different ways to collaborate the same with various dental augmentation styles. Stress monitoring is not a new term and the importance of it does not bind to a single purpose nowadays. During the whole Covid-19 period, stress detection through cortisol has found a good momentum due to its demand. However, stress detection through cortisol, a hormone generally known as ‘stress hormone’, is not a one way path. Cortisol and its presence and variations along with their corresponding strengths and limitations are mentioned and discussed. Different types of generic sensors, biosensors, Nano sensors along with relevance and feasibility are reviewed. An elaborate cross examination has been made on the existing dental enhancers and the materials from the perspective of digital augmentation. Then a novel way of attaching the existing salivary cortisol detection system to various types of dental augmentation tools is also proposed in the coming section. Specific