Entertainment world 4.0 and the Digital Motion Picture


  • Siddhantkumar Vasantrao Wadmare


The global media industry is currently experiencing a similar Fourth Industrial Revolution.Computerized models of various media parts (objects) of the work and the blend and get together of these models into a variety of media work in accordance with a craftsman's overall expectation will be the creation units of this upset, Film Industry 4.0. Advanced movie industrial facilities will be the frameworks of coordinated mechanical arrangements. The creation of a computerized movie plant is a film as a total and mix of advanced models of varying media items and situations of activity and association that are joined by the creator's imaginative idea, as the current regulation defines a film as "a varying media work... comprising of pictures fixed on film or other types of transporters consolidating them into a topical entire of interconnected sequential frames..."

Keywords: Multi-modal audiovisual content, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Digital Motion Picture Factory, the Digital Model