Potato Leaf Diseases Detection Using Deep Learning


  • Trishita Acharjee, Sushanta Das, Swanirbhar Majumder


Diagnosis of plant diseases is the key to prevent crop loss as well as value of agricultural output. Studies of the crop disease means studies of visible patterns observed in the plant. Monitoring of health and plant disease detection is critical for the sustainable agriculture. It is very difficult to monitor and detect plant diseases by observing them accurately. In India, it is estimated at 15-25 percentage of crop production that may be lost due to diseases, for this work to take that issue seriously, our country not only needs to increase productivity but also ensures food security as well nutrition. To detect plant diseases, we propose our automatic plant disease detection system which has been developed by integrating high level “Deep Learning” models like Convolution Neural Network (CNN) and Support Vector Machine (SVM). These model gives upto 98about detection on trained sample dataset which includes images of “healthy and unhealthy” plant leaves.

Keywords: Potato Leaf, Plant Disease, Disease Assessment, Disease Detection.