YumnamBrajarani (YuBraj) Twill: A family of generalized twill weaves


  • Kirani Yumnam


Proposed here is a new family of twill weaves entitled YuBraj-Twill weaves which encompasses the existing twill weaves as well. YuBraj twill weaves are generated from three parameters ups, downs and shift unlike normal or existing twill weaves which are generated from the first two parameters only, i.e., ups and downs. For a given pair of ups and downs, which are positive integers denoting the number of ups and downs in a warp repeat, we can get only one twill weave. However, by using the shift value as a third parameter in YuBraj-Twill weave, we can generate many different weaves for a given pair of ups and down at different shift values. The shift parameter is used to circularly shift the successive columns or rows by the specified shift value to generate different weave patterns. When the shift value is 1, the generated YuBraj-Twill weave becomes a normal twill weave. When the shift value is any positive integer greater than 1, we get new different weave patterns. In other words, the proposed twill weave can be considered as more generalized twill weave. For a given combination or pair of ups and downs, it can generate significantly many different weaves patterns as compared to the possible number of normal twill weave patterns. It has been established that YuBraj-Twill weaves can generate 16(M-1)2 weave patterns whereas only 2(M-1) weave patterns can be generated in normal twill weaves where M is sum of ups and downs in a weave repeat. So, YuBraj-Twill weaves will enable weavers to produce many new fabric designs to enhance their product quality and demand.