Intelligent Retail Shopping System Based on RFID


  • Sonali Rangdale, Nagesh Raykar, Santosh Borde, Prashant Kumbharkar


One of the biggest issues one encounters while shopping in malls is having to wait in line and bill. It is a tiresome process, particularly during festival time or during rush hour. Manual invoicing can occasionally be difficult. Additionally, these existing systems have greater rates of shoplifting, which results in substantial losses for retail vendors and merchants. In the case of manual billing, a lack of staff leads to long lines and influences consumer choice because many people may choose to forego the transaction and not buy any goods. Customer churn can result from this pattern as well. The objective of this paper is to implement a distributed application which relieve customers from this hassle. The goal of this study is to build an automatic checkout sys- tem, where customers can handle billing and payments themselves. In order to plan production and, ultimately, boost sales, merchants can use the system's Business Analysis Model to analyze customer demand and product sales. The goals of self-service checkout system are to speed up client checkout times, lower labor costs, and provide business analysis to retailers